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I'm Enrique Shunnar

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

I'm a self-taught Software Engineer based in Panama🇵🇦, and Expert in the Javascript React Ecosystem with Typescript. Here, you'll find my collection of experiences, projects, experiments, ideas, and knowledge. My passion lies in the dynamic world of Javascript.

In my journey, I've worked on diverse projects—developing an Angular Dashboard for B2B SaaS Software, and creating a React-based Insurances Sector Platform tailored for Costa Rican market. Beyond business ventures, I find joy in contributing to meaningful initiatives like empowering women through sexual education and supporting pregnant women worldwide. My dedication to solving real-world challenges is evident in projects like the "Copyable Dashboard" for database migration and the Books Recommender connecting authors and readers.

I'm enthusiastic about innovation and committed to leveraging technology for meaningful impact worldwide.
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